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Since 2012, Marc Schuster has been recording and performing ambient music with various iterations of Android Invasion. His minimalist approach to composition and recording has drawn favorable comparisons with Brian Eno, Terry Riley, and Lamonte Young. Hungry Hour Music is proud to release his 2018 album Field Report and to remaster and re-release his previous EPs, Life at the Pace of Objects and On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams.


"Remarkably human... warm and inviting... android-sounding minimalism."

-- Dan Lis, Composer's Toolbox


With a style reminiscent of Brian Eno, Field Report has earned favorable comparisons with minimalist composers Terry Riley and Lamont Young.  Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp, and all major online music outlets.


On a Thursday, the Typist Dreams is one of several "lost" Android Invasion collections that Hungry Hour Music has managed to piece together after minutes of painstaking research. The album offers eight lo-fi instrumental tracks that tell the story of a young typist who dreams of travel but is haunted by memories that she'd rather not confront. The album includes the regional hits "Lonely Sunday" and "Why Is a Car on My Lawn?" Available on iTunes, Spotify, Amazon, BandCamp, and all major online music outlets.

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Inspired by the writings of the late French social theorist Jean Baudrillard, Life at the Pace of Objects represents Android Invasion's first steps into the world of ambient and electronic music. Originally recorded in 2012, it was the first EP that Android Invasion released, but the tracks were lost as the band moved from computer to computer. After months of exhaustive research (i.e., checking old hard drives), we've found the original masters, given them a little polish, and have set a release date for December 12. Now available for pre-order!


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