brandon the wolf

Drawing inspiration from four decades of music, brandon the wolf takes his style from the many electronic genres spanning those eras.  His sound is molded and formed in unique layers of samples and instruments to create a blend of pop, electronic, and house music.  A lifelong music performer and producer with roots in hard rock and metal, brandon the wolf has transformed into an electronic musician for the 21st century.

Android Invasion

Since 2012, Marc Schuster has been recording and performing ambient music as Android Invasion. His minimalist approach to composition and recording has drawn favorable comparisons with Brian Eno, Terry Riley, and Lamonte Young. Hungry Hour Music is proud to release his 2018 album Field Report and to remaster and re-release his previous EPs, Life at the Pace of Objects and On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams.

Timothy Simmons

Timothy Simmons is a multi-instrumentalist from Havertown, Pennsylvania. He is a music educator who recently developed a music curriculum for adolescents with language-based learning differences. On most days, Tim can be found behind his beat up old Gretsch drum kit. His debut album, Serafine is the soundtrack to Serafine Learns to Sing, a middle-grade novel about a young girl who discovers the joy of music.

Plush Gordon
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