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brandon the wolf

Drawing inspiration from four decades of music, brandon the wolf takes his style from the many electronic genres spanning those eras.  His sound is molded and formed in unique layers of samples and instruments to create a blend of pop, electronic, and house music.  A lifelong music performer and producer with roots in hard rock and metal, brandon the wolf has transformed into an electronic musician for the 21st century.

Brandon wrote and recorded the dark and anxious "Not Afraid," the opening track of his debut EP, one morning after waking from a nightmare at 4 am.  Unable to sleep and still feeling the chills from his lucid dream, he stepped into the studio to start writing a song that captured the deep terror of the night.

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Save Your Hero/Andreameda

Back-to-back singles from Brandon the Wolf, "Save Your Hero" and "Andreameda" portend something cool from Hungry Hour Entertainment's resident production wizard! Stay tuned for more!

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brandon the wolf (self-titled EP)

The self-titled debut EP from brandon the wolf includes five tracks that have already begun to earn the artist critical praise for his inventive, hypnotic bass lines and clean production technique. Tracks include "Not Afraid," "Don't Leave," "Hold My Hand," "Infinity," and "Driving Lights."


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