Catching up with Hungry Hour

Once again, it would appear that I have dropped the ball when it comes to updating the Hungry Hour Entertainment blog page. My last post was in December, so, let's see... Hmm... What have we been up to?

Daughter, Actually: We finished post-production on our short-film, Daughter, Actually, sometime in the spring and submitted it to some festivals with great results. The film was an officially selection at the Great Northern Film Festival, the 7th Art Festival of Miami, the Madras Film Festival (where director Jen Mitlas took home a Best Debut Director award), and New Filmmakers New York, among others -- and we're still waiting to hear back from a few more!

Ricky Rhizome: We also completed an animated short titled Ricky Rhizome. It's about a an intelligent potato that gets hunted by shady military forces. We've submitted it to several festivals and are waiting patiently to hear back.

Timothy Simmons: We released an EP titled The Secret Goldfish, which includes several tracks that Timothy has recorded over the years. Timothy has also finished recording an album titled Transforma: Light Returning, which is scheduled for release by the end of the year. You can hear an interview with Timothy Simmons regarding his creative process and his new album on the SceneShifters podcast.

The SceneShifters: Brandon Heffley (aka Brandon the Wolf) and Marc Schuster (of Plush Gordon) have a new project in the works, and they're calling themselves the SceneShifters. It's both the name of their new electropop band and the name of their new podcast.

Brandon the Wolf: Recording as Brandon the Wolf, Brandon Heffley released two singles in the spring and early summer: "Save Your Hero" and "Andreameda."

Plush Gordon: Plush Gordon released a pair of singles, too: "In the Pink" and "Circle the Square."


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