Daughter, Actually

Big news! Hungry Hour Music is branching out into movies. Our first project is called Daughter, Actually. It's a movie about mothers and daughters and the choices they make, and our very own Jen Mitlas will be directing!

Here's a bit of background...

At the 2019 Sundance Film Festival, TIME’S UP and the Annenberg Inclusion Initiative launched the 4% Challenge to encourage everyone involved in film-making to commit to working with female directors within the following eighteen moths.

Inspired by this challenge, Jen announced via social media that she wanted to take part -- and asked if anyone wanted to work with her. When I said that I had a script, Jen took a look at it, enthusiastically embraced the project, and immediately began putting a team together to get the ball rolling.

What it's about...

Titled Daughter, Actually, the screenplay depicts the fraught relationship between a woman named Alison and her aging mother, Helen, who has been hospitalized after a fall. Over the course of an evening in the ER, Alison and Helen swing sharply between stinging accusations and moments of profound tenderness as they move toward a stronger appreciation for each other’s life decisions.

If you'd like to help...

Needless to say, making a movie comes with a lot of expenses, so we've started an Indiegogo campaign to help us raise the money we'll need for production, post-production, and submitting the film to festivals. Every little bit helps -- even sharing information about our project can make a big difference!

Click Here to Help Bring Daughter, Actually to Life!


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