Hungry Hour Year in Review

So... It looks like I haven't been doing the best job of keeping the Hungry Hour news page up to date! But you know how it is: You announce plans to make a movie, you start making the movie, you start working on some new music, out of the blue you start working on another movie, and all of a sudden it's seven months since you wrote your last blog post. But for the sake of catching up, here are some of our highlights from the past year in no particular order:

The Darkest Moon: Remember this video? Plush Gordon made it back in the Spring. Wild colors, cool music, crazy symbolism. Kind of psychedelic. Now they're working on something completely different... More on that in a bit!

Daughter, Actually: With your help, we raised some money, and then we filmed the entire movie over a crazy weekend back in July. Now we're deep into post production, and we hope to have our short film starring Sheila Barton and Heather Plank -- and directed by Jen Mitlas -- ready to submit to festivals by spring of next year.

Timothy Simmons - The Secret Goldfish: The tracks on this EP were languishing on a hard drive and scattered across various points on the internet for years until we collected them together, gave them a little bit of polish, and added a nifty cover. Great, homespun stuff -- songs that one commentator described as "happy songs about death."

Milk Fudge: Filmed on a sunny Saturday morning in October, Milk Fudge is the entirely improvised creation of Team Humanity (aka Tim Connelly, Jen Mitlas, and Marc Schuster of Plush Gordon). The film took top honors (and some others!) in a local film festival and will be included in an upcoming Plush Gordon project, so stay tuned!

Dust Function - Zen: We still don't know who (or what) Dust Function is (or was), but they sent us a song, we liked it, and we shared it with the world. Really cool downtempo electronic vibes!

Live Shows: We hosted a couple of showcases for our artists, and, of course, our artists did a good number of shows on their own throughout the Philadelphia area.

Android Invasion - States of Wonder: A last-minute addition to this year's catalog, States of Wonder took us by surprise, as nobody told us that Android Invasion was working on new material. Not that we're complaining, of course! It will be available from the usual online music outlets on December 15, but we made it available for free right here on out website!

Online Tip Jar: Not an accomplishment so much as a decision to help support our artists, we set up an online tip jar at the end of November. We did this because streaming services don't really remunerate recording artists especially well (see our "Biz" page for more info), and we wanted to provide a forum through which fans of our artist can show their appreciation and support.

What's next?

We're really excited for the coming year. Needless to say, we expect to complete post-production on Daughter, Actually and submit it to festivals. We're also looking forward to Plush Gordon's next project; they call it an "Internet Box," and in addition to an EP of entirely new (and amazing!) material, it will include art, writing, animation, and Milk Fudge. Our other artists, Timothy Simmons and Brandon the Wolf, are always working on new material, and Brandon has been honing his live show. As for Android Invasion and Dust Function? Who knows? But we look forward to seeing (and hearing!) where their muses will take them!


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