Lost and Found!

I've often heard something to the effect that the internet never forgets -- or the idea that everything you ever post online will come back to haunt you someday. But even if that's true, I somehow managed to lose three Android Invasion collections that I started sharing online back in 2012. The first two were EPs titled Life at the Pace of Objects and Second Wave, and the third was an album titled On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams. At the moment, the first two are still lost, but I managed to find the third one a little while back and then tried to clean up the sound a bit before releasing it on Hungry Hour.

The fun thing about this album (as far as I'm concerned, anyway) is how different it is from my most recent album, Field Report. Part of the reason is that my recording method was completely different. Most of Field Report was included using synths, but On a Thursday uses guitar and bass loops along with a wide range of weird synths I was playing with at the time -- a Korg Kaossilator, a Korg Wavedrum Mini, and some kind of primitive drum machine app that generated random clicks and clacks. I also did a lot of the recording on a digital four-track recorder rather than my standard M.O. of recording on my laptop.

One thing I distinctly remember is that it was raining when I recorded most of the album. And that somewhere in that period, my wife was away for a few days, and a car crashed into my house in the middle of the night -- hence the titles of two tracks: "Lonely Sunday" and "Why Is a Car on My Lawn?" Beyond that, the rest of the circumstances regarding On a Thursday, The Typist Dreams, are lost to time. But at least I found the album again, and I'm very happy to share it -- by which I mean make it available for purchase, which you can do by clicking on the links below!

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