Modding Out My Roland

I have a few shows coming up, and I wanted to use my Roland SP-404SX to play and loop some samples. The only problem was that the music stand I was using was bulky and lacked a certain degree of elegance. Also, the ledge at the bottom of the tray was blocking the input jack, so I couldn't plug a microphone into the unit.

My Roland SP-404SX on a music stand. The tray was three times bigger than it needed to be, and the ledge at the bottom got in the way of the microphone input.

After experimenting with a few different ideas, I realized that if I removed the tray from the music stand, I might be able to attach the SP-404SX directly to the adjustable bracket at the top of the stand.

The bracket at the top of the music stand. I added some foam padding.

To make it work, I found a washer and nut that matched the bolt from the microphone stand. Then I removed the cover from the battery compartment on the back of the SP-404SX and drilled a hole in the center of it. The hole is the same size as the bolt.

This is the cover for the battery compartment. I use the AC adaptor, so I wasn't too concerned about damaging this panel when I drilled a hole in the center of it. Fortunately, that wasn't an issue.

Next I turned the cover over and glued a washer and a nut over the hole with super glue. This part was a little tricky. I had to make sure all of the holes lined up and that none were obstructed by excess glue. I also had to make sure I didn't glue my fingers together.

Using super glue, I glued a washer and a nut over the hole I drilled. The washer and nut match the bolt from the music stand.

While the glue dried, I put a quarter inch of foam padding over bracket at the top of the microphone stand. Then I put the cover back on the battery compartment of the SP-404SX and screwed the bolt into the nut. This took a little bit of maneuvering as the hole is fairly small, but I managed to make it work.

With a little bit of maneuvering, I managed to screw the bolt into the hole I drilled and the nut inside the battery compartment.

I don't think that batteries will fit in the compartment now that I've made this modification, but I prefer using the AC adapter anyway. Also, I think it looks a lot better than the alternative.

The finished product. Looking forward to using it at my next show and keeping my fingers crossed that my modification holds together!

With any luck, the whole thing will hold together!


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