Several People (Including Myself) Who Are Not Dust Function (Part Four)

I had barely hit the "Publish" button on my last post when brandon the wolf emailed me to point out several "factual errors" in my account of our first meeting, which is why if you go back and read it now, there will be no mention of an epic rap battle, a motorcycle chase, or the fact (which I still stand by) that I signed our record deal in blood, just like Tony Wilson did when he signed Joy Division to Factory Records.

In addition to pointing out what he perceived to be factual errors, brandon the wolf also proffered his own theory as to who Dust Function might actually be. Hence, instead of explaining why I'm fairly certain that Brian Eno is not Dust Function, I will dedicate this blog post to explaining why Jen Mitlas is not Dust Function.

To put it bluntly, Jen Mitlas is so busy being Jen Mitlas that I don't know where she would find the time to be anybody else. In addition to working on a forthcoming EP for Hungry Hour Music and serving as the label's VP of Marketing, Jen teaches a full load -- five courses this semester, seven last semester -- in the Sound Recording and Music Technology program at Montgomery County Community College, helps with the program's social media accounts, is working on a Master's degree at Berklee College of Music, and, along with Kendall Martin, is empowering young female music makers through her work with the Pennsylvania chapters of Beats by Girlz.

Also, and here's the "burying the lede" portion of the post, Jen will be directing a short film as part of the Time's Up/Annenberg Inclusion Initiative's 4% Challenge.

The project is still in its early stages, but Jen recently told me that she has a script in hand and is "in talks" with potential talent and various backers regarding production details.

"In talks?" I said. "That sounds serious."

"It is," Jen said. "For example, right now, I'm seriously asking you if Hungry Hour Music can get behind the project."

"I don't know," I said. "Will I need to change the name of the company to Hungry Hour Entertainment?"

"It couldn't hurt," Jen said.

"But then I'll have to buy a whole new web domain."

"Trust me," Jen said. "That's going to be the least of your worries."

And with that, Hungry Hour Music entered the movie business -- and, per usual, got no closer to discovering the identity of Dust Function.

Jen Mitlas wears many hats but is not Dust Function.


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