Several People who May or May Not Be Dust Function, Part One: Tommy P

Tommy P is messing with me again.

I was scrolling through my social media feed when a video titled Someone Who Is Definitely Not Dust Function popped up:

Look carefully -- or even not so carefully -- and you'll see that the bearded wizard in the hoodie is actually my longtime collaborator Tommy P.

The last time we chatted, Tommy P was trying to sell me on reconvening as Plush Gordon in Hungry Hour studios to record a follow-up to our long-delayed debut EP, Fits and Starts. That was back in September. Since then, I've been working with other Hungry Hour Music artists like Timothy Simmons and brandon the wolf to promote their music, and I've also been involved in a few other projects like producing a demo for Dan Fullerton.

Then this whole Dust Function mystery started, and now, all of a sudden, Tommy P jumps back onto my radar with this video. Is it a taunt? Is he playfully pointing out that I'm spending more time thinking about and promoting a track from some mystery act than working with people I actually know? Or is something more sinister afoot? Is Tommy P's assertion that he is "definitely not" dust function meant to throw me off the scent of the fact that he actually is Dust Function?

Think about it: Tommy P has a clear motive. He wants to start working on some new music with me. But if I'm busy working with other acts, I obviously don't have as much time to work with him. So why not become yet one more act on the Hungry Hour roster? Maybe Dust Function is Tommy P's way of saying that he's ready to go solo. Or that he wants to work with other artists. Or that he's just tired of waiting around for me to commit to another Plush Gordon project.

Whatever the case, he's definitely a suspect.

Because you never know with Tommy P.


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