Stop the Fall

Timothy Simmons and I used to be in a band called Secret Goldfish, but it turned out that there was already a Secret Goldfish band out there. Also complicating matters was the fact that there was also already a Tim Simmons out there, so even though everyone calls him Tim, he needs to perform as Timothy Simmons, lest anyone confuse him with Tim Simmons, whose music is remarkably like the music of Timothy Simmons in terms of genre, mood, and instrumentation. In any case, back when we were recording as Secret Goldfish, things were moving along swimmingly until we started working on this track. Most tracks up until this point took a few hours to record. Work on this one stretched to weeks and then months and involved recording a french horn part in his living room. This proved particularly difficult since neither of us ever showed an affinity for horns of any kind. But the end product was actually pretty cool.


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