The Story Behind "Little Beasties"

Seventeenth-century portrait of Antonie van Leeuwenhoek by Jan Vercolje.

A while back, my wife Kerri and I went camping with Timothy Simmons (of Serafine fame) and his family. After a restful night, Kerri and I woke to find the Simmons family slightly frazzled from lack of sleep. Apparently, a family of raccoons had happened upon their campsite and started sniffing around for food at the crack of dawn. Though all of this happened a few years ago, it was still in my mind as I was working on Field Report, and when one of my synths started making a sniffling sound, I decided to make it the focus of the composition and call the track "Raccoons Sniffing Around the Campsite at Dawn" as a tribute to the Simmons family and their early-morning misadventure. As a title, however, it didn't really roll off the tongue, to I changed it to "Little Beasties," which (it goes without saying) also serves as a reference to Antonie van Leeuwenhoek, the first person to discover bacteria, which he described as "wee little beasties."*

*Learned this last fact when I was freshman in Barbara Brown's freshman biology class in 1987!


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